This book is for you, if you want to…


·       Understand how payments work in the airline industry

·       Set a payment strategy

·       Reduce your payment costs

·       Optimise fraud and risk management

·       Select the most suitable products and services from the best suppliers

·       Structure a payment implementation project



“All there is to know about airline payments” in a single reference guide



New to airline payments?

Then this is the perfect first step to a better understanding of airline payments and a great reference for those ad hoc “What is that?” and “How does it work?” questions.


Airline payment professionals

A book that will be your step-by-step guide to the challenges the world of payments brings with it and how to manage them; a superb reference to “best in class” payment handling; and a source of inspiration for improvements in your day-to-day business.


Payment suppliers to the airline industry

This is your shortcut to understanding your customer’s payment eco-system, how they operate and how to best serve their needs.



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Payment Basics – What You Need to Know Before You Start

  • History of payments
  • Payment technology from signature to biometrics
  • Payment methods – from coins to bitcoin
  • Transaction types
  • Cost elements – who earns what?
  • The players  - who does what?
  • Legal frameworks, industry standards and compliance rules
  • Risks and responsibilities
  • Payment fraud, fraud scenarios and fraud prevention
  • Institutions and organisations


Payments in the Airline Industry – Channel Analysis

  • Travel agencies
  • Call centres and ticket desks
  • E-commerce, mobile and tablets
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Agent mobile devices
  • On-board retail


Back-office Support Processes

  • Order screening
  • Transaction corrections
  • Charge-back processing
  • Reconciliation, reporting and accounting


My Payment Project – A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Project set-up
  • Strategy definition
  • Evaluating suppliers - understand product offerings and pricing strategies
  • Implementation plan
  • Execution


Supplier Directory


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What readers think…


“I really did find your book to be a valuable resource and several people in the office have looked up various processes.”

Jack Fritz, Navitaire


“Mehr als einmal hatte ich mir gewuenscht, mein Wissen waere sowohl breiter als auch tiefer. Hier hilft mir Dein Buch auf jeden Fall. Ich habe auch den Eindruck, dass es hier bisher nur wenige Veroeffentlichungen gab.”

Gerd Pontius, Prologis


“I liked your book, it is certainly good handbook for airline payments. We would need a few more copies. I have new people in the team… and I really think it is a good introduction to this airline payments world.”

Celia Pereiro, Amadeus


“An amazing piece of work.  I have read the whole book cover to cover and I learned such a lot.  In fact it took me a whole weekend and that is the most I have learned about our industry in one sitting. […]  It is such a good "Manual".  Your well structured approach would make their understanding a lot easier.”

Robin Philip, Paygate


“My overall impression is very positive – the strengths seem to be in the detail about credit card processing and the various players, as I know I found (and still find) this a very confusing process. You do a good job in clarifying the different roles, fee structures etc. I also very much like the idea of guiding the reader through a payment project – very real and practical information.”

Steve Easley, Prologis


“Eine Pflichtlektüre für alle neuen Mitarbeiter in meinem Bereich”

Joerg Moeller, WireCard


“I read the first 200 pages on the plane yesterday, good stuff! My colleague (who’s now 2 years in the business) already finished it, he was impressed as well. Called it a “must read” for new staff.”

Paul van Alfen, GlobalCollect



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About the author

Thomas started his career in the travel payment sector in 1999 in Dublin when he joined CardBASE Technologies. He supported the development of a smart-card based passenger compensation system for British Airways. On returning to his home country, Austria, he moved across to the credit card industry. As a product manager with Europay Austria he was in charge of the Europe’s most successful electronic purse “Quick” and led the introduction of MasterCard prepaid cards to the Austrian and German market.


His next role was as senior product manager for payment services and passenger mobile applications with SITA, who he joined in 2009. Among his responsibilities were the provision of passenger services through mobile phones (i.e. booking, check-in) and the development of a central payment service for the air transport industry. After some time with DataCash as Head of Airline Strategy and Innovation, Thomas joined Worldpay as Vice President - Travel to head up their global travel division.


Thomas studied at the University of Hong Kong and the University of Innsbruck, where he gained a Master’s Degree in International Economics and Business Studies. He is a Yachtmaster and a passionate photographer.     



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