Technology by the Meter

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The context to the inventions is presented on the back. In the Technology line the essential means of communication, printing processes and technical methods are presented, while the Social line considers the demographic and economic data. In the Culture line the epoch-making thought patterns and works are mentioned. The "Inventions Rule" is readable as optically synchronized. From the invention via the socio-cultural background in the depth of recent achievements.
1800 to 2000 - The Inventions Rule 200 inventions and discoveries on 200 centimeters. The "Inventions Rule" is the ideal companion to preserve the overview in the thunder-flashes of human ingenuity. The detailed illustrations round off this design object with which excellent measurement can also be made. For convenience, an inch scale has been added!

© MeterMorphosen 2005. ISBN 3-934657-36-6


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