Guideline for installation of windows and external pedestrian doors

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Order scope: one book: Product information "(RAL) Guideline for installation of windows and external pedestrian doors (Montageleitfaden)" -Correct installation of windows - Instructions for proper assembly

The 250-page strong practice guide is completely updated to the latest technical standards - and now available in English.

Benefit from the following advantages:
  • The building physics, static and technical principles are described in detail including the necessary formulas and technical characteristics. This is supplemented by many illustrations and diagrams with practical examples.
  • Practical explanations for a suitable waterproofing, insulation and fixing allow direct use for business assembly instructions.
  • The materials and assembly systems currently available on the market are described extensively and neutrally with advantages and disadvantages.
  • The normative requirements for Germany and Europe are explained as a comment on each chapter and help experts who are oriented to these markets.
  • The most important standard details are included as drawings, including physical parameters (isotherms, RSI factor, etc.), and serve as a template for the development of project-related details.

Table of contents and sample pages

Publication date: 2016-12

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