Save more energy with new windows 2017-09

Save more energy with new windows 2017-09

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2017-09: "Save more energy with new windows" September 2017 update of the study “In a new light: Energetic modernization of old windows”

This 16 pager study was created in cooperation with the Bundesverband Flachglas e.V. It contains the following topics:

1. Energetic properties of different window types
2. Modernization potential in Germany
3. Cost-effectiveness of new windows
4. Cost-effectiveness of investing in higher quality rather than replacing with the minimum standard
5. The additional benefits of new windows as a justification for the investment
6. Replacing windows makes sense
Appendix 1 Data on the German window market (1971–2016)
Appendix 2 Explanation of the calculations
Appendix 3 Literature

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