Britannica Book of the Year, renaissance edition 2016

Britannica Book of the Year, renaissance edition 2016

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2016 Britannica Book of the Year, renaissance / gebunden in blauem Cabra Leder.
Fascinating. Informative. Engaging.

Stay informed about today’s world—the constant changes, significant events, and dramatic developments that make history. The fascinating 2016 Britannica Book of the Year helps you uncover it all.
A devastating earthquake rocks Nepal and kills nearly 9,000 people. Migrants and refugees, primarily from the Middle East, swarm through Europe, resulting in the largest migration on that continent since World War II. New advances in technology make gene editing possible, opening the way for not only improvements in disease eradication, but also for unsettling scenarios involving the manipulation of human genes for unknown purposes. So much is happening in the world today that it's hard to keep up. That's why it's important to have a reliable source you can turn to for the answers to your questions and to put matters into perspective. You can trust the Britannica Book of the Year to provide you with a complete, accurate, and exciting account of 2015, along with exclusive commentaries on today's world by distinguished experts.
The historic events and discoveries of 2015--from the thrilling victory for the American soccer team at the FIFA Women's WORLD CUP finals to the latest strides in the war on cancer--have touched us all in some way. Britannica, with its vast collection of information and hundreds of expert contributors around the world, provides a global perspective to help you understand world events and how they affect you.
More Info:
  • Format: Single-volume hardcover
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Binding: Black Heirloom Kivar
  • Size: 11 1/4" x 9 3/4"
  • Published by Encyclopaedia Britannica
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