Scripture Praise Party 2 CD

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So here are 21 brand new Scripture songs to sing along with and learn...each song has a different style of music from heavy rock to the usual Ish 'Oom-Pah-Pah' and all songs are around 2 minutes or less.... so there will be no time to get bored!


If you are still unsure about ordering the CD (which is definitely not just for children) don't just take my word that this album is rather unique and special see below what some respected songwriters have said about it...and they HAVE heard it!


Ishmael-a pioneer does it again. Biblical truth and tunes that ‘stick’ in your mind. Chris Bowater


Classic Ishmael .- fun, memorable, direct and scriptural songs. Graham Kendrick


Ish’s new songs are absolutely brilliant. Full of scripture & fun and so catchy. Doug Horley


Classic Ishy genius. Catchy tunes & fun music. This a great way to learn Bible verses. Andy Piercy


Great album. You have produced a classic. "Ishmael doing what he has always done best. Scripture truths set to some wonderfully catchy tunes. This is a great album for the whole family to enjoy!" Noel Richards


If you are a long term Ishmael fan you will love this album. Martin Smith

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