Ready Salted (1973)

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The first Ishmael album recorded with his best mate and travelling partner of the time Andy Piercy. Ready Salted is a tribute album of the Ishmael and Andy ministry and includes some of the favourite folk / rock songs that made this duo so popular in the early 70s. ( Andy is now employed as the Praise leader at Holy Trinity, Brompton, and Ishmael and Andy are still best buddies 30 years on). Track Listing 1) Salt And Light Company 2) Psalm 139 3) Paddy 4) Son Of God 5) Who Is He In Yonder Stall 6) Hallelujah Chorus 7) We Got Jesus, We Got Joy 8) Schitzo 9) Charisma 10) All Gods Children 11) I'm So Happy 12) The Lord's Army

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