The Charge Of The Light Brigade (1977)

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Probably one of the most controversial Ishmael albums and banned from a large chain of Christian bookshops due to the song content. The lyrics graphically announced of the dangers of occult, the stupidity of preaching to seagulls and the problems of Church unity. Oh yes, and the first and last album that is likely to contain a song called 'I am just a Charismatic'. The Ishmael 'dry humour' which was added to help lighten some of the subject matter proved to be very unfunny to the less jovial Christians of the day. Track Listing 1) Charge Of The Light Brigade 2) Spiritual Stagnation 3) Mission To Seagulls 4) Simon And The Gypsy 5) I Am Just A Charismatic 6) Laodicean Church 7) Christian Strait Jacket 8) Sixth Virgin 9) King Of Glory 10) Amen And Praise De Lord

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