If You Can't Shout Saved/Life Begins At 30 (Double CD) (1979/80)

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At a time when punk bands were performing all sorts of nasty agro, Ishmael United was a crazy fun band who just enjoyed laughing on stage and showing that life with Jesus was to be enjoyed. The songs clearly depict the fun of the band. Life begins at 30 was musically a more serious album with thought provoking lyrics, heavily influenced by 'ska' and 'new wave' which were the music trends of the day. Track Listing 1) Song Of The Last Generation 2) Star On Sunday 3) Bartimaeus 4) If You Can't Shout Saved 5) Jesus Trip 6) Don't Rock De Boat 7) Crowd Trouble 8) Schizo 9) Now Its All Gone Wrong 10) Caroline Robbins 11) Jesus Is Making A Comeback 12) The Glories 13) All Mixed Up 14) Love So Great 15) Motex 16) Hell Ain't For Heros 17) For What We Are About To Receive 18) Dr Heckle And Mr Snide 19) Marksman 20) No Coincidence 21) 2 Years On A Camel 22) Every Circus Needs A Strongman 23) Marmite Sandwiches 24) Ferguson's Mule 25) Miss Us 26) Wot A Life

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