Land Of Hope And Glories (1981)

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This album was totally radical, the first children's rock concept album that mentioned salvation, baptism, praise, Holy Spirit, healing, opposition, persecution, martyrdom and Heaven. Ishmael created the characters of the Glories and Miseries. The album contains various musical styles, but having just disbanded 'Rev Counta and the Speedoze a year earlier Ishmael shocked some by allowing a little of his punk / new wave influences to be included on this children's album. But it was all done with Ishmael's unique tongue in cheek humour... listen to the track 'Wots the point' and hear a lead guitar break played solely on one note! People loved it. There has never been, and probably never will be anything quite so ground breaking and revolutionary in kid's music and it set a foundation that nearly a quarter of a century later children's ministries and musicians would build upon. Track Listing 1) I'm Gonna Be A Glorie 2) I Ain't No Drip - I Enjoy Getting Wet 3) Praise Away 4) It's Amazin What Praisin Can Do 5) D Is For Dynamite 6) Healing Aid 7) Mora Glorie - Lessa Me 8) Lord We've Come 9) I Am A Miserie 10) Wot's The Point 11) Dying To Live 12) Charisma 13) My Lord Is Higher 14) Young Head On Old Shoulders 15) Martyrs Praise Song 16) Land Of Hope And Glories

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