Songs For Bouncing Glories (1981)

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This was one of the first rocky 'chorus' albums and certainly the first that children would enjoy. Other people's songs were included as well as Ishmael's. This got him into hot water with some of the songwriters as they not only did not recognize their songs after they had been given the 'Ishmael' treatment but they believed that when God inspired them to write the songs, God was not planning that they would end up being recorded in such energetic ways. Track Listing 1) Lords Army - Royal Prayer Force 2) God Is Our Father 3) Praise Him On The Trumpet 4) The Holy Spirit Set My Feet A Dancing 5) I Can Run Through A Troop 6) Let God Speak 7) Like A Stone 8) All God's Faithful Children 9) Gonna Say My Prayers 10) I Wanna Sing, Wanna Sing 11) Lord You Put Some Bounce In My Feet 12) Send Down The Rain 13) Lord I Want To Be A Glorie 14) I'm Gonna Sing To You Lord 15) Thank You For The Love 16) I Love You With The Love Of The Lord 17) My Lord Is Captain 18) I Know My Lord 29) We Are One, We Are Family Together 20) Let Us Bless One Another 21) Thank You Jesus

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