The Power And The Glories (1982)

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Land of Hope and Glories had set the scene, the Power and the Glories set new boundaries. For the very first time a children's album that taught baptism in the Spirit, the use and misuse of the gifts, the fruit of the Spirit, Church, backsliding, hurts, reconciliation and Jesus return. In some ways it was even more controversial than its predecessor because some may remember that 25 years ago the power of the Holy Spirit was only just being accepted by adults. Through this album Ishmael was declaring that being filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and using all the other gifts was for kid's as well. It got him into a lot of trouble but he would say today... it was all worth it. Again Ishmael tries to involve various musical styles and it proved to be a great form of teaching scripture. Notice this was where the words 'Praise Party' first came into being which was going prove to be a trademark of Ishmael's ministry for the rest of his life. Track Listing 1)You Need Power To Be A Glorie 2) Y Stop Dying - Y Start Living 3) I Wanna Be Free 4) Like Electricity 5) Corinthian Gifts 6) Super - Naturally 7) Galatian Fruits 8) The Glorie Fruit Farm 9) I'm Looking Up To Jesus 10) That's Life 11) Peoples Not Steeples 12) Your Love In Me 13) Running Round In Circles 14) The Facts Of Life 15) Making Amends 16) Praise Party 17) He Is Able 18) My Eyes Have Seen The Glory

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