Praise Party Vol 1 (1983)

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After Songs for bouncing Glories, Ishmael threw caution to the wind and again selected the Churches favourite new songs and recorded them in the way that he felt they should be played. At this point he started to turn the gentle sweet worship, so loved in this era by adults, into a stomping praise party that the children could enjoy and participate in. Having linked the tracks by narration in the concept albums he now did the same in the Praise Party series. He could never stand long gaps between tracks and felt that by linking all the tracks together, it would give it a real live feel and also allow people to keep praising and not have to stop between each song. Track Listing 1) Bring A Psalm 2) When The Spirit Of The Lord 3) The Holy Spirit Set My Feet A Dancing 4) In The Presence Of The Lord 5) Let It Breathe 6) Let There Be Glory 7) And Now My Feet Break Forth In Dance 8) Great And Wonderful 9) Through Our God 10) I Hear The Sound Of The Army 11) Lord You Put A Tongue 12) I Wanna Dance, I Wanna Sing 13) Lord Help Me To Joyfully Praise 14) I Delight Greatly In The Lord 15) O The Valleys Shall Ring 16) Praise And Adoration 17) I Will Rejoice 18) I'm A Conqueror 19) You Shall Go Out With Joy

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