Praise Party Vol 2 (1984)

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Due to the popularity of volume 1, Ishmael felt there was a need for a second volume. Now however he hit a problem as he was running out of other peoples songs that he felt were simple and catchy enough to be enjoyed by both children and adults. This accounts for the fact that 14 out of the 19 tracks on this album are Ishmael songs. It was also around this time that he was travelling with the Rev David Pawson and others on a national tour called 'Let God Speak' which for Ishmael was a great experience. The song 'Let God Speak' was written for this tour. Track Listing 1) We'll Praise Him On The Trumpet 2) Lord I Ask 3) We Give Thanks 4) Spirit Of God 5) I'm Expecting Great Things 6) As Jesus' Back Was Whipped And Beaten 7) I Am A New Creation 8) Create In Me 9) The Fields Are Ripe 10) I Will Pour Out My Spirit 11) Here For A Moment 12) I Rejoice In Making Jesus Happy 13) Taste And See 14) We Will Praise 15) Shout For Joy And Sing 16) His Was The Pain 17) No Wooden Cross 18) Blessed Are You 19) May The Favour

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