Praise Party Vol 3 (1985)

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By far the best selling and the most popular of the Praise Party recordings and the first to contain at least half a dozen scripture songs. This album brought forth some children's classics, which are still very popular today. Mick Gisbey's 'Have you got an appetite' and his modern Christmas carol 'The sky is filled' are two such songs as are Ishmael's 'creation song' and 'I will wave my hands'. But this album will always be remembered for the very first recording of 'Father God I wonder' which over the many years has been a blessing to many and still is enjoyed by a new generation today. Ishmael still includes it in his live performances, not just for nostalgia, but because for him, it has not become stale and he enjoys singing it at much now as he did when he first wrote it. Track Listing 1) Creation Song 2) Have You Got An Appetite 3) The Word Of God 4) Salvation Is Found 5) Hebrews 11 v 6 6) The Sky Is Filled 7) Kiss The Hand Of Jesus 8) I Worship You In Holiness 9) As I Look At Myself 10) The Most Important Thing 11) With The Music That I Play 12) O Lord You're Great 13) 5000 + Hungry Folk 14) Put On The Sword Of The Spirit 15) How Beautiful Upon The Mountains 16) Jesus Died To Make Me Whole 17) When You Really Understand 18) I Will Show You I'm Rejoicing 19) I'm Not Weary 20) I Will Wave My Hands 21) You Give Me Peace 22) Father God I Wonder 23) I've Made Up My Mind

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