A Sting In The Tale (1986)

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This is a totally crazy album for those who must have a sense of humour. Ishmael dug out of the archives all the fun songs that Andy and he had sung back in the early 70s and had never dared to record and decided to update them and drag a 'working men's choir'? into the studio with him to help sing them. It's a riot, yet all the funny little songs are like parables and have meanings far deeper than the obvious. They don't come more live or more zany than this! Track Listing 1) Rum, Gin And Cocktail 2) The Grunting Song 3) Glub Glub 4) Chain Gang 5) Bert's A Cert (How About You) 6) Major Dee Deedle Dee 7) 2 Timothy 2 (To The Lot Of You) 8) A Steeple And 10 Veg Please 9) Ronald Robot 10) Rumpug The Miser 11) And So The Race Goes On 12) Eli The Fly 13) M.O.T. 14) Ferguson's Mule

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