Scripture Praise Party (1987)

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Praise party 3 proved two things to Ishmael, the first was that children knew very little scripture and the second was that music was a great means to memorise it. It pioneered yet another development in children's music, which many have successfully picked up and continued today.... the 'Scripture Song album'. Every song on this album is taken more or less directly from the Bible and many of the songs actually contain the book, chapter and verse it comes from as well. It was also at this stage that crazy actions, dances and motions were 'invented' to accompany the songs which again would help children retain the scripture. 'Jehovah Jireh' was a classic example of this as it was accompanied by the sand dance, another was ' I have hidden your word in my heart' as this brought forth the famous Timmy dance. But even in a simple scripture song album Ishmael had to attempted the unthinkable...surely no one would dare to write a song around the scripture 'A nagging wife is like a dripping tap' yep, he did! In today's political correctness he would be strung up for even thinking such a thing, but the song must be heard before judgment can be past. This is a fun way of learning the Bible, and remember, its not just children that need to remember Bible verses. Track Listing 1) I Have Hidden Your Word In My Heart 2) Be Merciful To Me O God 3) Now The Lord Is The Spirit 4) All Scripture Is God Breathed 5) To All Who Received Him 6) He Has Shown You 7) For The Lamb 8) Wealth And Possessions 9) Where O Death Is Your Victory 10) A Nagging Wife 11) Those Who Belong To Christ Jesus 12) Don't Be Afraid 13) Wakey Wakey 14) Hebrew Names For God 15) No Matter How Much You Dream 16) There Is No Darkness 17) The Still Small Voice 18) Jesus Said 'Not Everyone Who Says To Me' 19) A Backslider Gets Bored With Himself 20) The People Cried With Their Voices Loud 21) Beatitudes 22) For If You Forgive Men 23) Do Not Store Up Treasures On Earth 24) Praise And Glory

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