Training Up The Troops Vol 1 & 2 (Double Album) (1988/89)

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With all the fun that must accompany ministering to children, Ishmael knew these little ones were in a spiritual battle and life for them was often far from easy. On came the combat gear and along came the songs about being in 'God's Army'. An album was needed to teach children how to respond in spiritual warfare as little soldiers of Jesus. For these 2 albums the studio budget had to increase and old pal Andy Piercy was brought in to produce them. With powerful songs Ishmael also involved a strong talented line up of musicians including Terl Bryant (Iona), Duggie (Dug Dug) Horley, Tim Jupp and Stu Smith (Delirious?) plus little brother Tim. These proved to be 2 best selling and very popular albums. Track Listing 1) The Commission 2) We Are In God's Army 3) We Are All Assembled 4) Little Troopers 5) I Will Call Upon The Lord 6) God Is Here 7) We Are The Glorie Company 8) Don't Be Lazy 9) Lord I Strive 10) May The Peace And Presence Of The Lord 11) We Belong To An Army 12) Here Comes The Bride 13) Come On (Lets Praise The Lord) 14) Glorie 15) Children Of God's Family 16) Light A Flame 17) A Promise From Your Lips 18) Almighty God Is Here 19) Marching Orders 20) Begone You Evil Minded Men 21) Nicodemus 22) Little Troopers Revisited 23) Lord I Need To Know You Love Me 24) Glorie Electro - Reel 25) The Marksman 26) Angel's 27) Mission Accomplished

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