Songs For Little Troopers (1990)

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'Training up the Troops' was exciting, very noisy and powerful, but like most of Ishmael's previous albums the songs tended to be enjoyed more by those over the age of 7. What about the very little troopers, hardly anyone was writing songs for this age group at this time? Before the 90s, with a very few exceptions, Christian songs for the under 7s tended to be very twee with little or no Biblical content. Ishmael was convinced that even tinies had a capacity for understanding God at a deeper level. The need brought about this recording. He re-recorded the original 'Glorie song' to remind these little ones that they could be Glories as well, then added new simple scripture songs, a version of the Lords prayer and another version of 'Father God I wonder'. Other favourites proved to be 'I will click my fingers','5000+ hungry folk' and Mick Gisbey's `Grasshopper song'. At last an album that the tinies could also bounce along to. Track Listing 1) I'm A Little Glorie (Instrumental) 2) Lord We've Come To Worship You 3) I Want To Learn About Jesus 4) 39, Thirty Nine 5) The Grasshopper Song 6) I Don't Need To Be Big To Be Beautiful 7) Little Man 8) So If You Think You're Standing Firm 9) 5000 + Hungry Folk 10) The Lord's Prayer 11) Lord You Gave Me Joy In My Heart 12) I Will Click My Fingers 13) Down In A Noisy Small Valley 14) Lord I Want To Be A Glorie 15) There's Nothing Better 16) The Lord's Army 17) The Royal Prayer Force 18) Father God I Wonder 19) I'm A Little Glorie

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