Ishmael USA (1993)

Ishmael USA (1993)

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The album with the deliberate American twang that again combined new action scripture songs with praise and teaching. A wide range of songs were included from the dramatic epic 'Bartemaeus' to the very popular 'Blessed is the King who comes'. One song with a very original concept that will stand out in many memories is 'I want to be a cowboy for Jesus' and of course he had to include another new version for our relatives over the pond of 'Father God I wonder'. The music was recorded in the UK, the tapes were then taken to the US for the children to provide the vocals. The biggest disappointment was that Ishmael USA was sadly never available in the USA! Track Listing 1) Let's Form A Band Together 2) Though The Grass May Wither 3) Why Do You Look Here For The Living 4) Blessed Is The King Who Comes 5) It's A Pleasure Giving To Jesus 6) I Sometimes Feel So Small 7) Father God I Wonder 8) Lord Help Me 9) I Want To Be A Cowboy For Jesus 10) My God Shall Supply All My Needs 11) A Little Faith 12) It's A Wonderful Feeling 13) You Came Destroying Death 14) I Will Lie Down And Sleep In Peace 15) Bartemaeus

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