Joyful Noise For Girls And Boys (1994)

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After the very successful 'big sounds' of 'Praise 'n ' Glories' and 'USA' Ishmael again wanted to change the style completely and bring out a fun little recording that would be full of Scripture verses to learn and suitable for the tinies as well. 'Joyful noise' proved to live up to its title. John 3 / 16 put to music became a favourite as did 'You never put a light under a dirty old bucket' but it will always remain a mystery to Ishmael that with all those wonderful nice little songs songs to enjoy, nothing could beat the popularity of 'I once was frightened of spiders'. Track Listing 1) We'll Sing A Song To Jesus 2) When Jesus Was A Little Child 3) In The 16th Verse Of Chapter 3 4) I Once Was Frightened Of Spiders 5) Children Obey Your Parents 6) Thank You Lord For The Food That's Before Me 7) My Life Is Like A Little Candle 8) When God Sends Rain 9) To The Pure All Things Are Pure 10) There's Nothing I Like Better Than To Praise 11) But If We Walk In The Light 12) Oh Lord (You're The Very Best Person) 13) I Will Sing To The Lord 14) If You're Feeling Lost Remember 15) You Never Put A Light Under A Dirty Old Bucket 16) Ecclesiastes 5 Says 17) Hebrews Chapter 12 v 2 18) For All Have Sinned 19) If We're Feeling Like Were Losers 20) Lord Help Me To Love 21) Jesus Said Let Little Children

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