Wakey Wakey, Sleepy Sleepy (1997)

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And finally for something completely different. Scripture songs to play to your children whilst they quietly go to sleep, and scripture songs to play to your children when they noisily wake up. The majority of the band were enlisted from Ishmael's local Church and have stayed with him to record the 3 latest albums 'Little Songs For Little Children', Worship Songs For Little Children' and 'Praise Songs For Little Children'. This again is a unique album. It's so much better than the nanny singing the old lullaby. Is there any better way for children to enter the land of dreams than listening to God's word being gently sung? It has been known to help those little ones who get nightmares, especially if combined with a parent's prayer. Track Listing 1) The Lord Wakes Me Every Morning 2) Arise, Shine For Your Light Has Come 3) Because The Lord Is With Me, I Will Not Be Afraid 4) Lord, Tell Me Your Ways And Show Me How To Live 5) The Lord Is All I Need 6) God's Love Is So Great It Reaches The Skies 7) When The Sun Comes Up I Will Think Of You 8) Jesus Stilled The Storm To A Whisper 9) Wakey Wakey, Wake Up My Soul 10) I Can Lie Down And Go To Sleep 11) When I Go To Sleep...Jesus Doesn't 12) Jesus Said Come To Me 13) As I Lie On My Bed 14) You Wont Need To Be Afraid When You Lie Down 15) I Go To Bed And Sleep In Peace 16) It's Good To Be Still And Be Quiet For A While

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