Bigger Barn (2010)

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Without doubt, this has been the most challenging album I have ever made for a couple of reasons. The first is that after writing 6 of the songs I was diagnosed with Leukaemia that meant it was over a year later before I was well enough to write the final 6 songs. The other challenge was trying to fit a story of Jesus accurately into a few lines and still have an application…and a bit of fun! I love these 'Jesus story songs' and I hope you do too. For those a little older (my age) if you listen carefully you may recognise some 'inklings' of my favourite songs from way back! Have fun as you learn! Song titles: Bubbling pool of Bethesda. Wolfy Wolfy! Jerusalem to Jericho. 3 men and a banquet. Old friends. New friends. Ghost on the water. Sow'n'Sow. The loaded lawyer. 10 Silver coins. Gotta go and find em! 4 Days ago. Bigger Barn.

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