Gesund und entspannt mit Ayurveda (Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Zentrum)


Gesund und entspannt mit Ayurveda (Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Zentrum)

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Ayurvedic cures are in demand, because they bring us out of the  stressful everyday life. But what good is a stay in India,  if you can not take the relaxation home with you? To  be able to switch off at home too, "healthy and relaxed with Ayurveda" helps  in many ways and enables the reader to slow down his  everyday life. In the beginning, a self-test will help you to find your particular dosha type  : Vata, Pitta or Kapha . This then plays an important  role. Whether nutrition, massages, meditations or  yoga postures - all these points can be found in "Healthy and  relaxed with Ayurveda". Each section provides specific advice for certain dosha types: what diet should the pitta type do?


Is the sun salutation suitable for the Kapha guy? And which  massage helps the Vata guy the most? The holistic approach of  the book provides the ideal basis for integration into everyday life. Because Ayurveda consists of much more  than just a few yoga exercises. Traditional knowledge is transformed into practical tips thanks to the book  . This makes Ayurveda applicable in modern life and you do not have to take a cure in  faraway India. If you have already done so, the book will help refresh your knowledge

and successfully integrate what they've learned into their lives at home.


The beautiful illustrations in  watercolor look make the book to something very special. It is divided into seven chapters. In the beginning it's about yourself and your own life. After that

follow sections on diet, yoga as well as meditation and positive thinking. The sixth chapter is dedicated to  diagnoses and therapies. In the end, the book concludes with a food directory.

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